Opening of summer exhibition at Galleri A, Oslo 13-June 2019



2020, Feb-March: Guest artist at Akron Gallery, Trondheim

2019, 16.Nov - 8.Dec: Galleria d'Arte Mentana, Firenze, collective exhibition

2019, 13.Jun - 28.Aug: Sommerutstilling, Galleri A, Oslo

2019, 25.Mai - 24.Aug: Bryggeutstillinga i Råkvåg

2019, Feb-Mar: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York, collective exhibition

2018, Sep-Oct: Galleria D'Arte Mentana Firenze, collective exhibition

2018, Aug-Sep:  Galleri Kanalen, Trondheim, collective exhibition

2018, 21-26 May: Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, collective exhibition

2018, January-May: Galleria D'Arte Mentana Firenze, collective exhibition

2018, February-March: Gaudi Art Gallery, Madrid, collective exhibition

2018, January: 'Contemporary Art Fair, Art 3f Paris', represented by Gaudi Art Gallery

2017, October: XI Florence Biennale, Italy

2016, November: Dromedar Kaffebar, Trondheim, separate exhibition

2014 & 2013: Trondheim Art Union, collective exhibition

2012, August: Oppdal Kulturhus, Oppdal, together with A.Hugdahl

Guest artist at Akron Gallery, in Trondheim February - March 2020

Exhibition at Galleria d'Arte Mentana i Florence, November 2019.
Together with Art Director Giovanna Laura (down left)
Interviewed by Tosca TV (down right)

Åpning av "Bryggeutstillinga 2019" Råkvåg, 25-mai 2019

Opening of "Valentines Soiree" exhibition Feb 1 - Mar 12, 2019 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York

Opening at Galleria d'Arte Mentana, Firenze 22-Sep 2018

Åpning av utstilling, Galleri Kanalen, Trondheim, August 2018

Collective exhibition in London, 21-26 may 2018

Utstilling på Dromedar Kaffebar November 2016